Professor Patrick Borg

If You Suffer From Tinnitus, Do This Immediately, It's Genius (Watch)

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Do you suffer from ringing in your ears?

When his worsening symptoms almost drove him crazy (literally) - creating fear in his wife and daughter - he had to find a solution.

Due to his status in the medical world, Patrick was given access to a classified formula for curing tinnitus - used by the US Military in offsetting the effects of explosions in soldiers' ears.

This formula not only cured Patrick's tinnitus, but reversed the brain damage created by tinnitus over the years. Patrick was furious that this formula is being kept as a secret from millions of ordinary people suffering from tinnitus. That's why Patrick took a massive personal risk and decided to share the formula.

Now, over 197,000 ordinary people have cured themselves of tinnitus, and you can too.

Go watch Patrick's controversial presentation now before it's taken down permanently:

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